Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Day Back and a Giveaway

Today was the day and it was a LONG one. Those naps and pajama days had me spoiled. LOL 
We had a great day though. The kids came in sporting their new sparkly boots, new haircuts and a hundred new stories to tell. It was good getting back into our routine.
And speaking of routines.....included in our morning routine is a variety of ways to practice high frequency words. We might do flash cards (right-side up or upside down), an "I Have...Who Has?" game, Beat the Clock (to see how many words we can read in a minute), etc.  I try to constantly change it up for them. Even if it's the same game, I like to change the card themes, just to keep their attention. I recently made some Winter Word cards for us to use. They include the dolch sight word lists and I have sets for preprimer, primer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. 
This week I am participating in the Rockin' Teacher Materials Flash Drive Giveaway. The giveaway is divided by grade level.  The neat part about the prize is that the winner will get a cool flash drive that is loaded with great materials specifically for your grade. The items were all donated by TPT sellers. I donated my Winter Word cards to the 1st and 2nd grade giveaways. You can check them out by clicking on the cover.
If you are interested, head over to Rockin' Teacher Materials and enter for your chance to win.
Good luck!


  1. What a great idea, Merinda! I love that idea of including sight words to practice. I have a morning message for the children to correct (grammar) and a math spiral review, and the children finish those two things quickly. Sight word practice would be a great addition!

  2. It is one of our favorite activities. Let me know how your kids like it.


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