Friday, March 13, 2020

Tower of Babel Craft

My first graders reviewed the Tower of Babel
in Bible Study this week.
We reviewed how the people disobeyed God
by doing the exact opposite of what HE told them to do.

After the lesson, we made "towers" of praise
deciding that instead of a tower to glorify ourselves, 
we choose to obey and praise God.

They were super easy to make.
I let them choose whatever color construction
paper they wanted for their background.
I only have my students for 30 minute blocks,
so I pre-cut a lot of "bricks".
I typed a title and JESUS IS LORD! 
in several languages.
 They glued them wherever they wanted to.
(You can click either picture and get the 
sheets to print out.)
See, super easy:) and yours for free,
in case you want to make them with your students.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Prepping for St. Patrick's Day

If you are getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
 with your students, I have a
 few things to share with you.
 I LOVE when activites and stations match the season 
Yes, they need to be quality and educationally solid
 but they can still be cute).

One idea for a fun whole group game is the ever popular,
 "I Have, Who Has?". I LOVE having this game for all
 seasons and themes. Same words your students need to
 master, but add a new picture and kids think it's a
 new game (whatever it takes to keep their interest).
I have this bundle for sale in my store.
It includes 5 levels of word cards
(preprimer, primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade).
Click on the picture to go directly to the link.

And now for some FREEBIES....
This word building activity uses the letters in the
 word LEPRECAUNS.  Have your students use
 the letters to build words and then add them
 to the included recording sheet. 
Odd and even sorting fun!
The pack includes some preprogrammed number cards,
 but also includes blank shamrocks
 (I would laminate them and then write
 whatever numbers you want on them.
 Then you could easily erase
 and change the numbers as often as you want to.)
And the last freebie is a set of gold coin number cards.
The cards go from 0-120 and have soooo many uses
(100s chart, calendar numbers, number ordering,
 addition/subtraction sentences,
multiplication/division sentences,
 greater than/less than,
skip counting, etc.).
The possibilities are almost endless.

I hope you see something here that you can use to make
March learning fun and engaging.
Just click on the picture and they are all yours.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Not By Might!

I am in LOVE with this verse today!

How many things do we fight and scrape for?!
How many times do we work ourselves into a frenzy trying
 to make things turn out the way we want them to?!
Do we strong-arm situations to our advantage?
Does it feel like an uphill battle?
Well, it probably should.

Many times we exhaust our might and our power
and are still no closer to a solution.

Do we ever stop to think that maybe it's not OUR fight?
It's not OUR mountain to move?

Sometimes we have to let go of things 
so that God can do HIS work.
HE doesn't need our muscles or our minds.
HE can certainly use them and many times HE does.
But maybe what HE wants is our surrender.

I know that I've messed up many situations just 
by trying to take care of them in my own power.

Facing something hard?
Something you need to overcome?
Tired of trying to figure it out or fix it?
Maybe HE wants us to sit this one out.

Let's try getting out of the way today and 
see what God wants to do with it.

Not by might, nor by power,
but by MY SPIRIT,
says the Lord Almighty.
Zechariah 4:6

Thursday, December 27, 2018

I See Ya!

Below is a repost from my blog that I wrote in 2015.
As I've been thinking over the last few weeks
of this Christmas season, 
this post is what kept coming to mind.

In the last few months, 
our family has been in a struggle,
where it has just felt as though a million things
have been pressing in on us.

When that happens, it's easy to wonder if God sees,
even when you know that you know,
that HE not only sees but HE also cares
and is working on our behalf.

The last couple of weeks,
God has really made HIMself known
through people and circumstances 
that we never would have guessed.
The only thing we can do is...
look up, smile, and say,
"I know that was YOU, God, Thank you!"
(repost 2015)
Has this ever happened to you?
Did you stop long enough to notice?
I'm still laughing at how this happened to me just today!

I was getting ready for church yesterday,
you know standing in the closet with my hands on my hips,
trying to make something different appear.

It was a little cool,
so each outfit I thought about wearing
had to come with a thought
about which sweater to drag along
(because it would be 80 degrees after church).

I remember standing there thinking,

It was only a passing wish.
I quickly grabbed the old stand-by yellow sweater
and headed to church.

And now part 2 of the story.....
I LOVE hand-me-downs!
You know free clothes that other people
(preferably your friends)
don't want or don't wear anymore.
Well, I have a friend at school who gives me her clothes.
Every season she cleans out her closet and saves me a stash.

I guess you know where this story is going don't you?!
Yep, the last thing I pulled out of the bag was.......
this jean jacket!!

Yes, I immediately looked up, smiled, and thanked God.
I knew it was HIM!

The moral of the story is this.....
God is faithful!
HE will always meet our needs.

But, for me, today, HE was showing me that HE can
and sometimes will, meet our frivolous wants too.

I could have lived without that jean jacket,
but HE chose to love on me today,
through a simple act of a friend,
through a simple denim jacket.

I see ya, God!
Thank you!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sharing the Good News

This week in Bible Study,
we are talking about missionaries,
the different jobs they do,
the places they serve,
and most importantly the message they share.

We made bookmarks with the
"Good News"
and practiced being missionaries
by visiting other classrooms and
sharing John 3:16 with them.
It made us realize that the job of a missionary
is not always easy, but SO important.
If you can use these, just click on the picture
to grab your FREE copy.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Run the Race

I love that the Bible is so relatable. 
That we can find so many different topics in 
the Bible that address whatever we need at the time
(& that includes fun topics like SPORTS).

Several years ago, I did a whole sports theme
in my classroom. As I was preparing it for 
my public school classroom, God allowed me to
write this unit even though I was not able to use
it at the time.

focuses on Hebrews 12:1-2 where Paul
compares the discipleship journey
to a race as well as the understanding that intense training
& discipline produces strength & endurance.
It includes an original rhyming story that I wrote,
that can be printed and made into a class booklet.

*poster version of the story

*devotion plans

*Hall of Faith matching activity
with cut and paste recording sheet
and answer key

*Help? or Hinder? situation cards
with a writing activity

*Sports in the Bible activity
with Scripture references to look up
matching activity
recording sheet & answer key

*word search page

*Eternal Crowns activity
Scripture references to look up
matching activity
recording sheet 
poster (also answer key)

*other verses related to sports
(Clink any of the pictures to head to my store.)
I pray that this unit will be helpful
as you share God's Word with your students.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

First Week of Bible Study

Are you still laying on the beach somewhere?

Well, we are right in the middle of our
first full week of school, 
and our first week of Bible Study.

We aren't starting our full curriculum until next week, 
so I made a fun activity to get us started.

I wanted them to start thinking of people/stories
they already knew from the Bible,
and how every story in the Bible points to Jesus. 

So I made this cross with familiar Bible people/stories.
I made several copies (for small groups of students)
and cut them into pieces for a puzzle.

I had the kids work together to assemble their puzzle.
When they finished, we discussed what they knew
based on the pictures on the cross.
It was so great!
Everyone had something to contribute.
Even students who knew very little about the Bible 
were able to talk about "the Baby Jesus" 
or the "boat with the animals in the flood".
And then other students were able to 
fill in almost all of the details.
I left them with a black and white version 
to take home and color.

It was a great kickoff to Bible Study for the year.

If this is something you can use,
you can pick up your FREE copy here!

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