Thursday, March 8, 2018

FREEBIE for your Little Leprechauns

Looking for something to keep your little Leprechauns 
busy yet productive? 
This FREEBIE would be a good addition to your Word Work station next week.
It's also easy for you...
just print and let them do the work.
Click on the picture to grab your copy.

Happy Word Building :) 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

One of my Favorite Verses for FREE

Starting to plan for Easter?
Easter is my favorite day, so I'm already in Easter mode.

If you've been keeping up with me
then you know that I have been
working hard on updating so many of my old products.

I'm now starting on my verse packets for Easter.
Isaiah 53:5 is one of my absolute favorites :) 
This packet comes with phrase strips to help your students
build and learn the verse,
a coloring sheet, and
a fill-in-the-blank verse sheet.

It's FREE, so click on the picture and get your copy.
Keep following,
I'll be posting as I get things updated.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

St. Patrick's Day FREEBIE

With Dr. Seuss activities behind us,
we are ready to look ahead to St. Patrick's Day.

I am constantly trying to change up word cards for 
the students I work with
(change the picture & they think it's a whole new game).
My St. Patrick's Day sets have been updated and 
I've bundled them to include 
preprimer, primer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade Dolch words.
Fingers crossed that the change in pictures will keep them focused.
(Click on the picture to pick up your set.)

I've also been updating old files.
This odd and even sorting game REALLY needed a make-over.
So here it is, updated and FREE.
This is a fun activity to add to your seasonal Math stations. 
(Click on the picture to get your FREE copy.)

Hope this will be helpful as you're planning for St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Scripture Sailing FREEBIE

Facebook is such a great reminder...
you know how your FB memories pop up everyday.

Well when mine showed up this morning,
I knew right away it was something that I needed
to update and repost. 

Several years ago, I did a weekly post on here
called "Memory Verse Monday."
It was always a FREE packet of activities
that focused on different Bible verses.
I later changed "Memory Verse Monday" to "Scripture Sailing"
(same idea, new name).

The verse that came up in my feed today was 1 John 3:1a.
When I looked back at it, I realized that I actually had 2 packets for this verse
(an old one from Memory Verse Monday and
a new one from Scripture Sailing).

I made a few small changes and now here they are.
If you can use them,
just click on the pictures and they will take you to the FREE file.
Also, keep checking back...
I'll be updating and reposting as they pop up.

Saturday, January 13, 2018



Steve and I have talked about this so many times. 
We've talked about how "we/people" say that we trust God and that we are walking by faith, 
but are we really? 

I think the answer is......
when we're REALLY doing it, you KNOW it!
And the rest is just "church talk."

Here's what I mean......
We say we "trust God" with our finances, 
but put the light bill on a credit card before the payment is late.
We say we "trust God" with our kids, 
but barge in to solve their problems before we let God do the work that HE would choose.

So many of us (yes, me) take matters into our own hands
before we allow God to do HIS work,
to complete HIS plan for us.
We put our faith in earthly things like credit cards and other people.

Everywhere I turn lately, I run into Abraham.
Abraham trusting God,
leaving his homeland,
leaving the familiar, the comfortable, the planned,
not knowing where he was going,
going with only the assurance that God would be with him.
Abraham truly did some faithwalking.

Abraham (for the most part) walked with God,
waited for God to give direction,
waited for God to provide.
Even though Abraham had periods of waiting
(for the promised son),
times when it looked like God would be late
(almost sacrificing Isaac),
God did not fail him.
God provided (a new land, a son, a lamb).

I want to be like Abraham, I want to trust God like that.

Right now, Steve and I are truly faithwalking.
We have some things in our life that we are waiting on God to solve.
For some of those things there are no earthly solutions.
Only the intervention of God will do.

But for others, I can see how WE could fix them.
But where is the faith in that?

So my prayer is to not crack during the faithwalking.
I don't want to cave in and run to earthly solutions.
I want to hold steady until God shows HIS way and not mine.
I want to wait patiently for God, who is faithful.
HE will come through.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018


How many times have we read this verse?
How many times have we been obedient to it?
Yes, obedient.
Did you catch the key word in the first line?

I usually take this verse as a cheer,
a coach's pep talk at half time,
"you can do it, now go show me what you've got!"

But that key word in the first line is not just an encouraging word,
not a word to rally the troops.
It says....COMMANDED.

What's the COMMAND in this verse?
do NOT  be terrified/afraid
do NOT be discouraged.

How's everybody doing with that?
Well, I do great with that when things are going well,
when things are going my way.

But how are we doing when things are not going "well"?
No place to live in 30  29 days?
No deposit?
Just lost your job?
No money to pay the light bill?
Kids running wild?
Someone you love is sick?
How are we doing with that command during those times?

Because the truth is.......that's when it counts,
that's when we really find out where our faith is.

But let's be honest.
When those hard times come most of us can be found with our heads hung down,
whining to anyone who will listen, crying, complaining,
wringing our hands, worrying, the list goes on......
All of those things are bad for us,
but they are also bad for those who are watching us.
What does it say to lost people when they see us falling apart?
I think it says that we were trusting in earthly things, earthly security.
I think it shows them that we say we trust God but we don't really mean it.

So how do we fix that?
We do what God told Joshua to do in these verses.
Obey the law, keep it always on your lips, meditate on it.
(Joshua 1:7-9)
The answer is the Word.
We need to be in the Word.
How's our quiet time? Our Bible study?
Are we spending time with HIM in HIS Word?
That's where our strength comes from. Instead of looking at our problems and seeing problems,
let's look at them and call them opportunity.
Opportunity to draw closer to HIM.
Opportunity to trust HIM.
Opportunity to point others to HIM.
Opportunity to prove to anyone who is watching that our God is real,
that HE will come through, in HIS time and in HIS way.

And remember,
What else do we need?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

What Did You Get?

If you've run into family or friends,
you've probably heard the question,
"What did you get?"

Not only has someone asked me,
but I have also asked several people since yesterday.

Christmas is exciting,
we are excited about what we got,
and also excited about what they got
(especially if it was something they really wanted).

But as we are asking our loved ones what they got this year,
maybe we should be pondering what we GAVE this year.

I had the special privilege of giving a gift yesterday
that moved someone to tears.
THAT brought more joy to me than anything I got.

So my question for all of you this Christmas is,
"What did you GIVE?"

Joy to someone who is hurting?
Forgiveness to someone who has wronged or hurt you?
Love to someone who is lonely?
A listening ear to someone who is troubled?
Understanding to someone who is misunderstood?
Time to someone who needs a friend?

I pray that as this Christmas season slips away,
that we're reminded of the joy that giving brings,
that we continue to look for ways to GIVE.

I hope that your Christmas was life-changing,
for you and for those around you.

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