Friday, January 18, 2013

Flat Stanley Fun

This week we finished reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. My kids LOVED it! I know that most people use this book to have him travel around the country/world to different places and track where he has been, collect pictures, etc. but we felt that we had covered our "traveling" with Christmas Around the World. So, we used Stanley a little differently. We only have 2 science standards to cover for the human body, and who has a body that you would want to talk about? Flat Stanley! The book only has 5 chapters, but we stretched it out over 2 weeks. We covered several CCSS in reading, writing and our state standards for science. We kicked off the unit by reading Parts. It is so funny! A must read if you never have. It made a great connection with Flat Stanley (things that cannot happen to your body). 
Our Science text has very little information in it, so we supplemented with many different nonfiction books, including this one.

And then the activities began.......I bought this great puzzle from the $1 section at Target. It has became a HUGE hit in our Research Center.
They used the book and puzzle to make their own skeleton.
Our Science standards cover the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, muscles and skeleton. We divided up into groups and made ourselves "flat.". They traced the shortest person in their group and then added the parts above.
One of our reading focus skills was "setting" so we talked about all the different settings where we could place Stanley. We discussed things in each setting that are flat and imagined Stanley being those things. Here are a few they come up with. I LOVE these!
Since they are loving Stanley so much, we are planning to do Stanley in Space for the next 2 weeks. It should be out of this world:)


  1. What an adorable and creative way to use Flat Stanley. I loved reading something different about him rather than traveling! Thanks for the cute ideas!

    2nd Grade Pad

  2. Great ideas! I love that you covered both science standards in one shot. I also use "The Skeleton Inside You" for a big science unit around Halloween time.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. I love Flat Stanley! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  4. By 2nd grade we hear a lot of "we did this in Kindergarten" "we did this in 1st grade." So I love finding a new way to use some of our favorite reads. Thank you all for visiting:)


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