Monday, April 22, 2013

Memory Verse Monday and a Personal Note

Happy Monday and Happy Earth Day!!

I know that when Earth Day rolls around each year, many of us are busy with thoughts of plants, growing things and taking care of the planet.

And I'm right there with you. We are right in the middle of a Spring, growing, planting unit ourselves.

But for the last 5 years whenever Earth Day rolls around, my thoughts turn to my Daddy.
My Daddy passed away on Earth Day 2008.
So if you would, allow me a little detour today.....
To my Daddy, "I love you & miss you and look forward to seeing you again!"

To my God, "THANK YOU for choosing this man to be my Daddy. 
Thank you for allowing us the time that we had together. 
And thank you for the promise that I will see him again."

To anyone who might be reading this, 
"While you're taking care of the planet today, 
don't forget to love those who are around you on the planet. 
Make every moment count."

Earth Day always comes to me with a reminder,
that this world is not our home. And so I would pass that on to you as well.
Make sure that you know what comes next & if you don't know, 
please spend some time looking for answers.

And now, here is your memory verse packet for the week.

It features Psalm 104:14 
and it contains a coloring sheet, find and color, draw and label, and word cards.
 Click the cover to pick up your copy.
Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for something special.
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  1. Well spoken Merinda. Love that your father is forever your "Daddy". Hope your memories fill your heart with fullness and peace. God be with you.


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