Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, Monday

Every week when I start to type the word "Monday" I hear THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS running through my head. If you are too young to know what song I mean, then don't tell me:)
It really was a few days before my time, but very catchy.

Ok, back on track....Here is our Memory Verse for the week.
It's Genesis 1:29.
Still trying to follow the plants/Earth Day theme.
Click on the cover to pick up your packet
(coloring sheet, word search, and phrase cards to rebuild the verse).

Remember to click on the FREE LOOT tab at the top if you have missed any packets.

Monday, Monday,so good to me!
(now it will be stuck in your head too LOL)


  1. Thanks. Now I'll have to listen to Spongebob theme song to get rid of Monday, Monday!

    On second thought, I'll stick with Monday, Monday. There are worse things that could be stuck in my head...

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous Monday Memory Verse each week!


  2. LOL Lesley! Sorry:) I agree that Monday, Monday is better than the SpongeBob theme song! Glad you can use the verses.


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