Friday, June 21, 2013

My Sights are on Sight Words

I think we've talked sight words before, but I've made a new FREEBIE 
so I thought we'd talk about them again.

For the past several years our school has used Saxon Phonics to teach phonics. 
It also comes with its own list of high frequency words. So, that is the list we have worked off of. The approach that the program uses can get rather dull (ok very boring) and since we practice sight words EVERY DAY something has to be done to draw in the crowd.

We normally do a whole group "drill time" in the mornings.
It might consist of flash cards (standing up, sitting down, monster voice, whisper voice, etc), 
sight word bingo, or an "I Have, Who Has?" game.
I will try anything to capture their attention and get them to engage 
when we are practicing our words.
(Free copy - just click on it)

After the words are introduced they are stuck to the word wall.

We also have sight word activities of some sort in at least one center.
We've done concentration, order the "I Have" game on the carpet, flash cards, stamp the words, write the words (with pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils), alphabetize the words, put the words in sentences, word searches, and the list goes on and on. 

I have a semi-new plan for next year (yep, already thinking about it). 
I'm skipping the Saxon list and plans and strictly using the Dolch Word Lists.
I love that it is already leveled and I can easily check my kids and track their progress.

The rest of the plan is still in the works:)
I am ALWAYS looking for great new ideas for ways to practice these words.
I would love for you to share any ideas that are working for you.

I've made a TON  of flash cards and "I Have" games with all different themes,
just because I change the picture and they think it's a new game. LOL

Here is a new set of flash cards that I've already made for back to school.
It's yours to grab if you can use it.
This set is preprimer dolch but all 5 levels are available in my store for purchase.
Be sure to leave your great sight word ideas, my kids will appreciate it.
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  1. Hi Merinda! My kids like to use Legos, window paint, chants ( a favorite is to crouch down on the floor and then slowly inch upwards as you say the letters and then jump up and say the word), sidewalk chalk, Spelling City (they have sight words) and Samson's Classroom ( a paid site, but affordable and so worth it). A great post! :-) Lauren Teacher Mom of 3

  2. Those are GREAT ideas! Thanks Lauren for sharing them:)

  3. I quit using a traditional word wall years ago. I do flash cards for teaching, I do write the room activities and put sight words and theme words all around. I give each student a word wall paper for writing.

  4. Thanks for the Freebies and ideas for teaching Sight Words. I am still trying to create new ideas myself, so I appreciate your post on this topic. LOVE your work! :)


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