Saturday, July 27, 2013

Go Pirates!!!

Well, I've decided to trade in my Pirate ship for pompoms this year:)
We're still Pirates, just Sporty Pirates.
Go Pirates!

I've been working some this week trying to get a few things done
before I have to officially go back next week.
(ARGGG next week!)

So here are a few pictures of what I have done so far.

I made EVERYTHING to match my new theme.
So that means my Scotch laminator has been working overtime.
Here are my new word wall cards. 
I added them to my one & only chalkboard with dot magnets 
(which reminds me that I need some more of those) 
& I'm planning to write the words on the board with dry-erase markers.
Here is my new conduct clip chart with a baseball theme.
No need to adjust your screen, it really is crooked.
I CANNOT leave it like that but I was too tired & annoyed to fix it.
(next week......I really hope I can pry it back off the door without tearing it up!)
I made all new labels for my book baskets. 
These are my AR book baskets.
I also made labels for my theme book baskets.
(don't have those put on yet)
Sporty Alphabet
Daily 5 board is ready to go!
Well that's the beginning of it.
I report to work next Thursday and I probably won't make it back in until then.
I always hit panic mode right before going back,
so you might hear about that next week.

For now I am headed out of town for some back to school shopping, 
free time and a baseball game.

If you made it through all of this and want something for free, here it is.
I made this to go with my sporty Daily 5.
Just click the picture if it's something you can use.
This file is an "unofficial adaptation of the Daily 5 by Gail Boushey& Joan Moser". 
It is not endorsed by the 2 Sisters. To access official resources, check out

I have 2 of these products for sale at TpT.
Have a great weekend and Go PIRATES!


  1. These look fabulous!

  2. I love this new theme, Merinda - it looks very 'striking' - could that be a pun?! I don't know the terminology - lol! "You're hired" - do you have The Apprentice in the States?!! I need the Merinda touch!!

    Wendy :)


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