Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cloudy with a chance.......

Our month has been sooooo busy, as I'm sure yours has too.
We are just finishing up a weather unit so I wanted to share a few things.

No weather unit is complete without reading....
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

It's so funny that they kids all yell, "hey, that's a movie not a book" lol
We wanted to make a bulletin board of the 
town of Chewandswallow,
so we broke up into groups and each group made a house, store, business, etc.
to contribute to the town.
We had a "Toys R Us,"
a hospital,
a school (and many others).

After making buildings, they individually made food of all kinds.
We had all of their food "raining" from the sky over the
town of Chewandswallow.
This board is in the hallway outside my classroom and right next to the restroom.
I think it has provided a lot of conversation for kids waiting in line:)

In writing, we were working on informational writing and 
we decided to do it inside a friendly letter.
We had already gone over letters, but felt they needed a good review.

If you have not seen the writing packets that were done by Martha over at Primary Paradise
then you are really missing out.
I have both of her writing units and they are FANTASTIC.

That's what we used for letter writing.

First we went over her diagram, to help them remember the 5 parts
and where they go in the letter.
This is sooooo cute and helpful.
Next, we did her cut and paste activity to make sure they had it down.

Then came our class model.

Together we wrote a letter to Ms. Paula (our Science Lab teacher).
I told them that a cyclone hit our town last night and I wasn't sure if Ms. Paula
knew what that was, so we would need to tell her in our letter.

Here is our example.
After modeling, I left them all choose the kind of storm they were interested in.
We had a lot of nonfiction books from our library to help us gather facts.
After spending some time in the books, 
we completed a 4 square paper to help us organize out thoughts.
We then turned our facts into a letter to Ms. Paula.
The writing packets include papers for you to do a draft and then your final copy.

If you haven't already, go take a look at the writing packets.
You'll be glad you did:)
Hope you found an idea that you can use.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Johnny Appleseed FREEBIE

I guess I'm working a day behind for most of you......
I know that many of you celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day yesterday,
but in our classroom we were finishing up a weather unit.

So we are getting to Johnny next week.
Just wanted to quickly share a FREEBIE that I made last year.
Hope it's not too late for you to use it:)
Click on the picture and grab your FREE copy.

Happy Friday!

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Monday........

Lately every Monday that I get on here,
I realize that I haven't been here since the last Monday.

The beginning of the year is STILL running me ragged!
Here are a couple of things that I've been doing rather than blogging.
I live just a couple of miles from the beach,
so running by just to walk or sit for a few minutes is almost always possible.
It's something that I've been taking advantage of lately:)
Here is where I've been spending the rest of my time.
#16 is our real Pirate Girl.
She is on our middle school volleyball team,
and the season has kept us hopping.
It has been sooooo much fun!
Go Pirates:)

Now here is your Memory Verse Monday packet.
It is from John 13:14.
Click on the picture to grab your free copy.
Now go out and have a great Monday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Memory Verse Monday

Welcome to Monday and that means it's Memory Verse Monday.
Your packet this week is from John 3:2.
All of the packets this month focus on Jesus as a teacher,
(thought that would be good for back to school).

If you can use it, just click on the picture to pick up your free copy.
Hope your Monday is marvelous!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pinterest Giveaway

Happy Saturday!!

Many of you know that I am one of the authors over at The Teaching Tribune.
Well, we are giving away a $20 gift card this weekend for Teachers Pay Teachers. 
All you need to do to enter to win is follow our new collaborative board on Pinterest.

And then enjoy all the great pins that will follow:)
Good luck!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Be sure to head over to my Facebook page today for a (limited time only) FREEBIE
in memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.
Click on my Pirate Girl to go to my Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I's Tuesday!

I know, I know......
I can't seem to get my head above water.

I keep thinking it'll get better.
There's always hope, right?!

Anyway, here is your Memory Verse Monday, on Tuesday.
(Click the pic to get your free copy.)
Sorry that it was late this week:)

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently & MVM

What? September 1st???
I need an August do-over.
Ok, really I don't want to do it over again, 
but I have stuff that needed to get done but didn't.

I know, spilled milk.....

You know what the 1st of the month means,
we are linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade.

Listening to 80s music LOL Some of my friends joined an 80s Facebook group (so I had to) and they post songs all the time. It is such a trip down Memory Lane, that I can't scroll past most of them without stopping to listen:)

Loving doing Just Dance! on the Wii with my Pirate Girl.
She is 12 and loves to dance just like her Mama. It makes her mad when I beat her:)

Thinking how thankful I am for Labor Day.
 I am sooooo needing a day off. Amen????

Wanting my school schedule to get settled.
We have had so many new changes at our school this year that we just can't get it worked out yet. Many of the changes are good, but it is very different than what we are used to.
Maybe by October. Ha!

Needing to clean this house. I'm sorry, but back to school time is also house neglect time.
 (Maybe I'll get to that by October too.)

And the last thing is to get more organized at school so I can bring less work home. I know, I know famous last words. But I really am making it a goal (and I'm getting a students teacher).

I'm so glad you stopped by.
Be sure to head over to Farley's blog and read up on your favorite bloggers
 or to add a Currently of your own.

But, before you leave, don't forget that it's
Memory Verse Monday.
Your packet this week is John 13:13.
Click on the picture to grab your copy.
Happy Monday!
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