Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Monday........

Lately every Monday that I get on here,
I realize that I haven't been here since the last Monday.

The beginning of the year is STILL running me ragged!
Here are a couple of things that I've been doing rather than blogging.
I live just a couple of miles from the beach,
so running by just to walk or sit for a few minutes is almost always possible.
It's something that I've been taking advantage of lately:)
Here is where I've been spending the rest of my time.
#16 is our real Pirate Girl.
She is on our middle school volleyball team,
and the season has kept us hopping.
It has been sooooo much fun!
Go Pirates:)

Now here is your Memory Verse Monday packet.
It is from John 13:14.
Click on the picture to grab your free copy.
Now go out and have a great Monday!

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