Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dancing in Heaven

I am part of the group of bloggers that writes for 
The Teaching Tribune.
We have been like a tight-knit family for over a year.

We have shared professional and personal lives.
We have laughed, cried, supported each other,
and loved each other through some mountaintops and valleys.
They are a group like no other.
On Monday, we lost one of our own.
Our sweet friend Teresa, from 
The 2nd Grade Pig Pen,
passed away on Monday after a long illness.

She was such a vital part of our group,
that it has just been heartbreaking.

She was always available for support and love
and to cheer us on with her "dances."

She had a dance for everything, good times and bad.
She made us laugh so much.

I know that Teresa is in the hands of God,
and I just know that she is doing her best dancing right now.

We miss you and love you Teresa!!
Thank you for sharing your life with us!
(Me, Terry - Terry's Teaching Tidbits, Cynthia - 2nd Grade Pad; Teresa - 2nd Grade Pig Pen)
Don't wait to tell those around you how important they are to you.


  1. I'm so glad you got to meet Teresa, Merinda. I'm pretty sure she is dancing in Heaven right now!

  2. I agree, friends are so important! So glad we're on this journey together! :-)


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