Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Wednesday :)

Do you have iPads for your classroom?
We have a class set that rotates throughout the school.
Yesterday was our day.
They LOVE it!!!
Here's hoping for more $$$ in all of our schools :)


  1. I have two iPads in my kindergarten classroom. My students love using them! Our school also has a few sets of iPads that rotate around classrooms. One of my favorite apps to use is Story Creator! You can make books with your students and have them or you record the story!


  2. I have an iPad and 2 Kindles specifically for my room and my kids love them! They get so excited when they get to use them. I love being able to use them with the Kindle app and read downloaded books in small group.

  3. I-pads yes - ability to buy apps no!! Don't ask it's too exasperating after almost a year of requesting this for the the younger children who cannot access the internet and would so benefit in their learning with some of the reading and writing apps available these days. I sneak my own i-pad in to use with some!!
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