Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Student Binders

How about a little Throwback Thursday?
I've been teaching for 22 years and when I look back at my first year, I sometimes cringe at the things I thought and the things I did. Yes, they were all good growing and learning experiences but still......
(let's blame the fact that I was pregnant for the outfit LOL)

Here's just one example.
My first year teaching I was terrified to ask parents to help or come in my classroom so I spent countless nights filing and packing Friday folders. ARG!
I would love to have that time back.

22 years later, the door is wide open.
I will grab any warm body walking by and ask for help :)

I've also come up with a better system for Friday folders.
I shared my Student Binders over at The Teaching Tribune.
You can read my throwback post here.

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