Saturday, January 13, 2018



Steve and I have talked about this so many times. 
We've talked about how "we/people" say that we trust God and that we are walking by faith, 
but are we really? 

I think the answer is......
when we're REALLY doing it, you KNOW it!
And the rest is just "church talk."

Here's what I mean......
We say we "trust God" with our finances, 
but put the light bill on a credit card before the payment is late.
We say we "trust God" with our kids, 
but barge in to solve their problems before we let God do the work that HE would choose.

So many of us (yes, me) take matters into our own hands
before we allow God to do HIS work,
to complete HIS plan for us.
We put our faith in earthly things like credit cards and other people.

Everywhere I turn lately, I run into Abraham.
Abraham trusting God,
leaving his homeland,
leaving the familiar, the comfortable, the planned,
not knowing where he was going,
going with only the assurance that God would be with him.
Abraham truly did some faithwalking.

Abraham (for the most part) walked with God,
waited for God to give direction,
waited for God to provide.
Even though Abraham had periods of waiting
(for the promised son),
times when it looked like God would be late
(almost sacrificing Isaac),
God did not fail him.
God provided (a new land, a son, a lamb).

I want to be like Abraham, I want to trust God like that.

Right now, Steve and I are truly faithwalking.
We have some things in our life that we are waiting on God to solve.
For some of those things there are no earthly solutions.
Only the intervention of God will do.

But for others, I can see how WE could fix them.
But where is the faith in that?

So my prayer is to not crack during the faithwalking.
I don't want to cave in and run to earthly solutions.
I want to hold steady until God shows HIS way and not mine.
I want to wait patiently for God, who is faithful.
HE will come through.


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