Thursday, December 27, 2018

I See Ya!

Below is a repost from my blog that I wrote in 2015.
As I've been thinking over the last few weeks
of this Christmas season, 
this post is what kept coming to mind.

In the last few months, 
our family has been in a struggle,
where it has just felt as though a million things
have been pressing in on us.

When that happens, it's easy to wonder if God sees,
even when you know that you know,
that HE not only sees but HE also cares
and is working on our behalf.

The last couple of weeks,
God has really made HIMself known
through people and circumstances 
that we never would have guessed.
The only thing we can do is...
look up, smile, and say,
"I know that was YOU, God, Thank you!"
(repost 2015)
Has this ever happened to you?
Did you stop long enough to notice?
I'm still laughing at how this happened to me just today!

I was getting ready for church yesterday,
you know standing in the closet with my hands on my hips,
trying to make something different appear.

It was a little cool,
so each outfit I thought about wearing
had to come with a thought
about which sweater to drag along
(because it would be 80 degrees after church).

I remember standing there thinking,

It was only a passing wish.
I quickly grabbed the old stand-by yellow sweater
and headed to church.

And now part 2 of the story.....
I LOVE hand-me-downs!
You know free clothes that other people
(preferably your friends)
don't want or don't wear anymore.
Well, I have a friend at school who gives me her clothes.
Every season she cleans out her closet and saves me a stash.

I guess you know where this story is going don't you?!
Yep, the last thing I pulled out of the bag was.......
this jean jacket!!

Yes, I immediately looked up, smiled, and thanked God.
I knew it was HIM!

The moral of the story is this.....
God is faithful!
HE will always meet our needs.

But, for me, today, HE was showing me that HE can
and sometimes will, meet our frivolous wants too.

I could have lived without that jean jacket,
but HE chose to love on me today,
through a simple act of a friend,
through a simple denim jacket.

I see ya, God!
Thank you!

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