Friday, March 13, 2020

Tower of Babel Craft

My first graders reviewed the Tower of Babel
in Bible Study this week.
We reviewed how the people disobeyed God
by doing the exact opposite of what HE told them to do.

After the lesson, we made "towers" of praise
deciding that instead of a tower to glorify ourselves, 
we choose to obey and praise God.

They were super easy to make.
I let them choose whatever color construction
paper they wanted for their background.
I only have my students for 30 minute blocks,
so I pre-cut a lot of "bricks".
I typed a title and JESUS IS LORD! 
in several languages.
 They glued them wherever they wanted to.
(You can click either picture and get the 
sheets to print out.)
See, super easy:) and yours for free,
in case you want to make them with your students.

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