Thursday, September 10, 2020

Names of God: Servant

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give HIS life as a ransom for many."
One of Jesus' names in the Bible is 

The word servant usually brings kings (or the rich) to mind. 
We think of the poor or lowly submitting to the authority of the rich or a boss. 
Is submission to the rich or worldly authority what comes to mind when you think of Jesus as a servant???? 
No, yet one of HIS names is servant.

I think what's required is a change
 in our definition and our mindset.

A good servant is someone who does what is good for others.
Now that is a picture of Jesus.

King of kings
could have had a million servants at HIS beck and call,
yet HE chose to serve and not be served.

HE left heaven and came to live with people on earth.
HE taught about God.
HE healed the sick.
And then HE gave HIS life for the sins of the world so people who love HIM can live with God in heaven forever. 

Jesus was the ultimate servant.

Next time we find ourselves picking up trash, plunging toilets at work and wiping down tables for the thousandth time.....think about how like Jesus we are.

Servant: giving ourselves for the good of others, 
and pointing other to Jesus.

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