Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas gift for my Pirates....

Party Day is tomorrow and I have been around and around with gift ideas for my kids. And I have (of course) waited until the last minute. Well, I finally settled on something that I know they want a lot. We have a "Pirate Treasure Log" in our classroom as part of our behavior plan. My kids collect compliments/caught being good, etc. on individual cards (I put a dot on their card with a sharpee). When they have collected 10, they are allowed to choose anything from the treasure log. All items in the treasure log are FREE, and that is my favorite:) We have things such as....Stinky Feet Day (they get to take off their shoes for the day), Eat Lunch with a Friend (get to choose who they sit with at lunch), Stuffy Day (they are allowed to bring a stuffed animal from home), etc. They LOVE trips to the treasure log. So that is what they are getting for Christmas. I made up a little rhyme and will add it to their goody bags tomorrow. Can't wait to see what they choose. 
If you think you can use the poem, please grab a copy below.
Pirate Gift Rhyme

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