Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why I Still Love Teaching....

How many times have we wondered....Is anyone listening? Are they learning anything? Am I making a difference for anyone? What about days when we are soooo overwhelmed that you just want to be a door greeter somewhere? After 20 years of teaching, it seems that these days come more often than they used to. 
And then you get something like this on your personal facebook page......

Hello Mrs. Powell... 
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm _______ ________. I was in your second grade class at Yulee Primary a LONG time I just wanted to say Hi and see how you were doing. I am friends with Jack on here as well and of course I seen you were linked to his page, so I had to say something. I am doing great as for me, I also attend College here in Tallahassee like Jack. Florida A & M, Second year Criminal Justice Major with a Minor in Pre-Law Studies. I remember the day you had me and my cousin _______ over to your house, I will never forget it. You were one of my Best teachers. I hope all is well. Chat later.

I sat and cried. Something that cost me nothing, just taking a few of my kids home from school with me one afternoon, meant so much to her that she wanted to look me up 12 years later. We don't hear from as many of our kids as we would like to, but when the stories come they make it all worth while. So fellow teachers, keep it up, keep the faith, you are making a difference, even if they never tell you, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. 
(criminal justice and pre-law!!)


  1. That's amazing :) My former students aren't quite as grown yet, but just having one come pick up her sister in my class and showing of her new driver's license was a treat for me this year :)

  2. That is a treat, not only that she wanted to share with you but also to teach siblings. I live in a small community and I love it when one of "my families" comes back through with their younger children. Thanks for stopping by.


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