Friday, August 16, 2013

Go Pirates! part 3

Have you heard?
The TpT Back 2 School sale is this weekend!!
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And now.....
I think this is the end of my back to school classroom pictures.
This bulletin board is in the hallway leading into my class.
(Someone on my Facebook page asked me what the numbers represented.)
The truth is...the numbers were supposed to be their class numbers (1-18) 
but we had already cut all of them out on our die cut machine when we realized that they were too big:(  Just too lazy to cut them all over again, so we used what we had.
This is a great piece of clip art from 
and I added the pirate emblem (from My Cute Graphics),
and blew it up on our ELMO.
I had to have a Pirate player somewhere in the room.
Here he is in his place guarding our math board.

This was our first full week back at school 
so we started on a few basic skills like reviewing odd and even numbers.
We called these 2 "The Fair Pair." 
They are ALWAYS fair, always equal, always even.
I filled paper footballs with skittles (Pinterest idea) and they
ripped them open and sorted them.
They liked sorting, but you know their favorite part was eating them when we were finished.

Another fun activity we did this week was writing a 1 sentence goal for the year.

Finally, if you are doing the daily 5 and want a few sporty items to go with it,
here are a couple of things I made for my room.

This file is an "unofficial adaptation of the Daily 5 by Gail Boushey& Joan Moser". 
It is not endorsed by the 2 Sisters. To access official resources, check out

Just click on them to pick up your free copies.
Don't forget about the sale!!!
Freebie Fridays

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