Monday, August 5, 2013

Making Bundles

Happy Monday Morning!
I feel like such a slacker with my Memory Verse Mondays the last 2 weeks.

I was out of town last Monday and I don't have a new verse for you today. arrg!

But I'm working on making some bundles out of the monthly themes.
I started bundling in February & March & then laziness took over.

I had a request for the bundles again, 
so that was all the kick in the pants I needed.

Today, I have June and July bundles ready to go.
I have taken the individual packets out of the FREE LOOT sections,
& just have the bundles there now.

If you missed any of these, then here they are.
I still need to do April & May:)
But for now, I have to head to school.

Go out there and make it a great Monday!

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  1. These resources are great!! Thanks so much.



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