Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sailing through Spring Linky

Thank you so much for stopping by for our Sailing Through Spring Linky.
Many of us are over this winter and are READY for spring, so we thought we would bring together some tips and ideas to help get you going.
Also don't forget about the big sale going on this week at Teachers Pay Teachers (27th & 28th).
This is the perfect time to stock up on your lesson plans for spring.

I'm not sure how your spring break and standardized testing works, but in our neck of the woods,
we are taking spring break the last week of March and then returning to immediately start testing.
Great idea!!!! (ok, we don't think it's so great)

Because of that, we have a lot of pressure heading into break.
My tip is simple, while you're hammering in all of those skills that you've taught all year but are unsure if anyone has listened to or learned...don't forget to have a little fun.

Throw in a few extra learning games,
 have some laughs and relieve some of that stress from yourself and your kids.

Here are some links to a few games that I have in my store.

There is also a link to a FREEBIE.
Click on the pictures to visit my store and to grab your FREEBIE.
Now get out there and have some fun. Be sure to visit the other great bloggers who are linking up.

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