Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hide and Go Seek blog hop

The Teaching Tribune bloggers have teamed up to bring you some amazing FREEBIES & the chance to WIN one of 2 $50 TpT gift certificates as well as a custom DOOR HANGER (US winner only).
We will select 1 US winner and 1 international winner for the 2 gift certificates.

As you play HIDE AND GO SEEK, you will hop through 20 blogs where you will collect FREEBIES. Hidden in each FREEBIE is a school supply with a price tag.You will need to collect all 20 supplies and add up the price tags.

Once you have the sum, you will be able to enter the GIVEAWAY over at The Teaching Tribune.

Get ready to fill up your backpack!!

Start here by downloading the recording sheet.
You are on Stop #12.

Download my FREEBIE and then start/keep hopping through the rest of our blogs.
My FREEBIE comes from a Math packet that focuses on
Here's what the full packet includes.
Would love for you to check it out.
Remember that the sale is going on over at TpT on Monday & Tuesday,
so you can get it for 20% off.
Click any of the pics to go grab your packet.

Click the picture to head to your next stop.
If you would rather start at the beginning, click on the start button below.
Either way, be sure to circle around and collect all of your amounts.
Then head over to The Teaching Tribune to enter to WIN!
Thanks for playing!!

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