Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Do What We Can

So, there's a man who regularly bikes 
around our neighborhood looking for yard work to do. 

My man and I rent the house we are currently living in. 
Since this man had previously done some work for the lady who owns the house, 
he stops by from time to time. 
So far, every time he has stopped by, Steve has been home to talk with him, 
encourage him, give him a few dollars. 

But this morning, Steve was already gone. 
 I told him that he needed to talk to Steve when he got home. 

He went on his way and I left to run an errand and came back, 
but he was still on my mind.

 I was thinking...what am I going to do if he comes back? 
I don't have any money to give him. 
What can I do? 
(And yes, I will confess that I hoped he wouldn't come back until Steve got home.) 

But in those few minutes of silent questioning "what can I do?" 
I heard God whisper...."You could cook him breakfast." 
Ummmm, ok God. Honestly, maybe he was hungry. I don't know. 
But I quickly told God that IIIIFFFFFF he came back by and 
since I couldn't pay him to do any yard work, 
that I would cook him some breakfast. 

Not a minute later, he knocked on the front door. 
I went out and talked to him and yes I offered to cook him breakfast. 
He refused the food but he did take a gatoraid. 

Why am I telling you this???? 
Because, we can ALL do something. 
We may not even have to leave our house to do it.
We might not have money to give, but we all have something we can do. 
Praying that we all DO WHAT WE CAN today.

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