Monday, September 17, 2018

Run the Race

I love that the Bible is so relatable. 
That we can find so many different topics in 
the Bible that address whatever we need at the time
(& that includes fun topics like SPORTS).

Several years ago, I did a whole sports theme
in my classroom. As I was preparing it for 
my public school classroom, God allowed me to
write this unit even though I was not able to use
it at the time.

focuses on Hebrews 12:1-2 where Paul
compares the discipleship journey
to a race as well as the understanding that intense training
& discipline produces strength & endurance.
It includes an original rhyming story that I wrote,
that can be printed and made into a class booklet.

*poster version of the story

*devotion plans

*Hall of Faith matching activity
with cut and paste recording sheet
and answer key

*Help? or Hinder? situation cards
with a writing activity

*Sports in the Bible activity
with Scripture references to look up
matching activity
recording sheet & answer key

*word search page

*Eternal Crowns activity
Scripture references to look up
matching activity
recording sheet 
poster (also answer key)

*other verses related to sports
(Clink any of the pictures to head to my store.)
I pray that this unit will be helpful
as you share God's Word with your students.

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