Thursday, August 16, 2018

First Week of Bible Study

Are you still laying on the beach somewhere?

Well, we are right in the middle of our
first full week of school, 
and our first week of Bible Study.

We aren't starting our full curriculum until next week, 
so I made a fun activity to get us started.

I wanted them to start thinking of people/stories
they already knew from the Bible,
and how every story in the Bible points to Jesus. 

So I made this cross with familiar Bible people/stories.
I made several copies (for small groups of students)
and cut them into pieces for a puzzle.

I had the kids work together to assemble their puzzle.
When they finished, we discussed what they knew
based on the pictures on the cross.
It was so great!
Everyone had something to contribute.
Even students who knew very little about the Bible 
were able to talk about "the Baby Jesus" 
or the "boat with the animals in the flood".
And then other students were able to 
fill in almost all of the details.
I left them with a black and white version 
to take home and color.

It was a great kickoff to Bible Study for the year.

If this is something you can use,
you can pick up your FREE copy here!

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